Worldbuilding is something that I can do all day, and have in fact spend the last few days doing solely. I am inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien and his Middle Earth, Elvish Language, and dedication to creating a true history to enrich his world. But worldbuilding is half of the battle, because there comes a time when you need to write the story, and not just the history, of the people (or magical creatures) that inhabit the world.

But, I can still have fun creating my world. Primarily, this space will be for my continent Bellora, which I have been already working on for years and have written a first draft of a novel, titled Crossroads of the World.

I wrote this in college, primarily between 2014-2016. It’s been a few years, I’ve grown as a writer, as a person, and hope to return to the story with a new perspective. You will not get the chance to read my first draft, at least not in it’s entirety, because that might spoil, and confuse, the second draft that I am going to be writing. Character names, locations, events, histories, plot points all will be changing from the first draft. However, I intend to keep the same message from the first draft, and I intend to pull inspiration from my own work.

Bellora means Beautiful Land, and I hope to truly show the people that read my store just how wonderfully beautiful this world I’ve created is.


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