But first, a sip of coffee.

Okay, I took two sips of coffee. It is 9:21 A.M. here in Anchorage, Alaska. I woke up about an hour ago, to the news on Trump and Ukraine, Sanders and his heart attack, and the Hong Kong protests. Pretty normal stuff right now. Yesterday I saw Joker, a damn good movie. I told Jacob, one of my best friends, that it was an 89/100. I feel I’m critical on movies, not extremely, but I will judge a movie fairly. However, the Joker is one of my favorite super villains, and probably the reason that Batman is my favorite superhero. 

I usually don’t have paragraph breaks when I journal. This is me journaling by the way. My thoughts become words on the page. And when I type, compared to handwriting, I have to think a bit faster than normal… I can get a lot down in 10 minutes when I’m typing. It sometimes takes me half an hour to fill a full page, depending on the page, of journaling when I’m handwriting. Depending on how fast I’m thinking, how many cups of coffee have I had? One and a half. There are not going to be complete sentences sometimes. And I don’t have as much play with formatting while typing. I do prefer handwriting my journals. But I want to do this Saturday journal to give people insight to my creative process.

Because this is the first creative thing I do. I would love to say that I do it every day. I’m human and I don’t do anything every day besides breathe and blink. And probably pee. But we’re not going to get into anymore of that. 

Throughout the rest of the day I’m doodling–whoa we gotta change the song. Oh wait, no it’s okay. I started with Logic and YSIV (Young Sinatra 4) which has been my go-to song to start my days, and to fold my laundry, or to start my walks… you get the idea. Fuck you Google docs for suggesting that go-to be one word [hyphenated], although it makes sense.

It’s been seven minutes. I have a decent journal, but I feel like I’m just getting started. Just now getting warmed up. I guess that’s the idea. Get warmed up for my other creative projects. Today I’m working on worldbuilding for Crossroads, but I do have to get at least one chapter down for Transcending. The sooner I finish that the sooner I can actually start writing Crossroads. But I’m getting some good stuff down that will help the story. 

This is how most of my journals go. I have always written my journals with an audience in mind. I’ve been seriously journaling for three years or so now. I’m onto my tenth journal, kinda. Some journals were smaller than others. Some are gone, which is okay. That was my choice in the end. That’s all part of the story.

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