My roommate came me today and gave me a writing prompt. He is a landscaper, but that’s only his profession as he is quite intelligent, jubilant, and entertaining to be around. I was sitting in my corner and he was preparing his dinner when he would walk around the corner from the kitchen and give me more and more tidbits of information on a world he had been creating in his head, presumably all day.

“The Legacy of the One Armed One Eyed Bandit,” was the title. He later told me the first Chapter was to be named “Communication to the Next Atmosphere,” which here implies the story is science fiction. Okay, I can work with this. Why is the person one armed and one eyed? What fateful accident fell upon this character to make them so mangled? Legacy and Bandit don’t often go together, as a Bandit is a profession not most ‘good guys’ take part, and legacy refers to the bandit being remembered, revered.

My roommate gave me another piece of the world: 8211 A.E. An arbitrary number, but A.E. means After Earth. Quite some time, and this story will contain many species but may not include humans in it at all.

We’ve got some foundations. I wrote a page, which included a secret mission gathering data paid for by a figure in a suit willing to pay exorbitant amounts of money. Normal stuff. To have a good story it helps to have unique characters, settings, scenes, backstory. This is where the worldbuilding comes in. Do you make a character and have the world fill in around them? Or do you create a world and in that process of creating the histories does a character show themselves to be interesting enough to tell a story? It seems with this particular story it is character first, at it will be character driven if we stick with the original idea of a Legacy of a Bandit.

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