Ten minutes start now. Dang, it’s already past noon and this is the first music I’ve listened to all day. I have been talking with my roommates. There are quite a few of us, and a good mix. It is fun to sit and talk to them over coffee, around the table and in the living room because there are too many of us. Five this morning missing one. And we are going to get another, who is a retired teacher and plays cribbage. I am excited to meet him as I’ve heard he’s a cool guy.

What am I going to do today? Well, I am going to watch some training videos, if you can call them that, for substitute teaching. I am a sub now. Technically. Unofficially official. I haven’t had taken up a job yet but I am to get my employee I.D. sometime next week. And then I can sign up for work. After that it’s all fair game. I am really excited, and have told most of my family. I need to call Michael and tell him. I am not feeling this next song already. 

This is more what I am looking for. Music really plays into my journaling. And I am doing terrible at journaling today. There is something missing. I think I know what it is: pen and paper. Remember, I usually do this earlier and I usually write. The reason I didn’t write earlier this morning was because I wanted to save this journal for now.

There is a spider in the corner that I sit and write. He is crawling away now. I have only seen him once before, climbing around the top of the lamp. But I think I should give him a name. I am not going to kill him. And I am not going to put him outside. That would be basically killing him, as it is getting colder and colder and I expect snow any day now. Hopefully the next storm we get will have snow. And here I am assuming that the spider is a he. It is only a spider. But the spider will keep pests away from this corner. This corner is both my corner and its corner. So I should think of a name for it. While I am here it would be a fun thing to do. What is a good name for a spider that is not evil? Are spiders evil? No, they are spiders. They do what spiders do. It won’t attack me. It sees me but not as an enemy. How have spiders not come to learn about humans. I’m sure they know about humans. But spiders act the same way as they always do. They are insects. Can they talk to each other? Is there a way two spiders can communicate more than simple concepts? No, because their brains are tiny tiny and in no way developed. There are few animals that can think like this. To think of the sentience of another species is a concept not every being possesses. 

I am terrible at naming things. Do I give the spider it’s own name? Or do I give it a generic English name. I think I create a name for it. And I can use that name for my story and any spider I choose to put in that story. This is how I make names for Bellora. Guardian in Italian is il guardiano. Spider is il ragno. If you notice both masculine words. But I will try to make them neutral. Diarag. Ragdian. Guarag. Gurag. Gurag sounds kind of disgusting, as spiders seem to be. But I want something more royal? Ragnia. Rania. Radian. Rudian. Guadag. Pronunciation is always the problem with making up words. Nook is il angolino. Ralin. Linrag. Ragin. Angorag. Two a’s? Angoraag. It’s a long a. Nook spider. You get a little Tuesday Worldbuilding in the Saturday Journal. 

Angoraag the Spider.

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