Current Events:

A space for me to practice keeping up with recent news. I intend to open up discussion or simply provide perspective. 

“What Rules, if Any, Should There Be About Phone Use During Live Performances?,” The New York Times, Natalie Prouix, October 9, 2019, (

Let’s start with something light. This article itself was light, as in relatively short, with a short clip of a live performer taking an attendee’s phone out of their hands mid performance. This hasn’t been the first instance of performers of theater or orchestra, specifically, asking the attendees to not use their personal devices. The main argument being it is disruptive to the performer and “can constitute a form of intellectual property theft.” But barring people from recording during a live event might result in the decline of a younger audience attending. If etiquette stops young people from going to events like these (note: these are not concerts, live performances at bars, etc., the article is talking about ‘sophisticated’ events that already have a smaller attending crowd) then I say that respect and time and place needs to be more common place. The article did not say the age or race of the man who was using his phone at the live performance mentioned. How can we make an assumption on young people attending these kinds of events when it could have easily been a person of an older generation not having correct etiquette at a live show? In my experience, as a previous phone salesperson, both younger and older generations of people are addicted to their devices. The question is not just for young people, but for everyone at a whole. This adds to the debate on our use of smartphones and other devices like them, and what they truly add and take away from our society.

“The Queen just read out Boris Johnson’s stump speech,” CNN, Luke McGee, October 14, 2019, (

Next up is something that extends our view past the U.S. First, I already had problems with this article, stemming at the title. In my opinion, it’s disgusting. Let’s consider the source. I’m not sure if I am going to use CNN as a news source, although it might be a good jumping off point. I feel like this subject is something to pay attention to. It would be a good idea to get more information on ‘Brexit’ from other sources, as with anything, to get the best view possible. I read the article and watched the clip, that did not show the entirety of the Queen’s speech but only snippets, but the only thing that stuck out to me was Boris Johnson. I’m digressing, however, I did not know how similar Boris Johnson is to Donald Trump. The hair, the body shape, and, from the short clip I listened to him, his speech! Johnson said the U.K. is the best place to live, and he repeated it. Propaganda. Please do not get this mixed up with patriotism on my account. I do not think the United States is necessarily the best place to live. It’s not bad at all. There is economic prosperity, relatively to the rest of the world, no war within our borders, and is becoming more diverse every year. But the best place to live? Neither the U.S. or the U.K. are the best, having only visited Scotland and Northern Ireland. Pros and cons for both. I’m digressing from my digression. Boris Johnson is a British version of Donald Trump. The world is full of people, men, wanting to divide. Why? For the sake of more economic prosperity? For more secure borders? For the safety of the people? 

“Turkey’s military operation in Syria: All the latest updates,” Aljazeera, updated October 14, 2019, (

This is an ongoing article on Aljazeera. This newsource I have known about since high school. Aljazeera is based out of Qatar, on the Persian Gulf on the Arabian Peninsula. I had a choice between reading about the Turkey/Syria events or Hong Kong. Both are equally important, so expect me to also cover Hong Kong eventually. Now, there is a lot to unpackage here. If you are not up to date, the best summary I can give is that Trump removed troops stationed in Syria and Turkey has invaded Syria to rid the area of terrorists so Syrian refugees can return to their homes. While the U.S. was helping the local Kurdish peoples fight ISIS/ISIL, Turkey says there are terrorists in the Kurdish population that must be taken care of. This is a mess, and I am not a journalist. I have a fear about a World War sparking from these events, or events like these going on all around the world. Pessimist? Yes. Possible? Yes. It is wrong for me to assume. However, if you haven’t noticed, Syria has been a place of conflict for ‘a long time.’ To me, I’ve noticed Syria in the news for a few years at least, dating back to Obama’s second term as President just based on memory. Why Syria? Because that’s a hotbed for terrorism? What creates terrorism? There are a lot of questions to be asked, and an understanding of the situation is probably out of the reach of normal Americans like myself. Like with the previous article, all I can do is monitor and keep myself updated. My opinions don’t matter on the world stage. There is no vote I can cast that can end this war, or any other war around the world. Reading about these events gives us, me, perspective. It provides a world view. It is the reality for humans all around the world. 

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