Remember to breathe. I think that’s the point of meditating—and not thinking. Good luck with that. 

Week in review:

I am super excited for this week. It seems like I have a lot going on. First, at any moment I expect to receive with my employee I.D. for the Anchorage School District so I can pick up jobs as a substitute teacher. Once I have that I will be able to work, and start gaining experience! Becoming a teacher has been a goal of mine for quite some time, and it is beginning to become a reality. Second, Wednesday I am attending the Poetry Parley at the Writer’s Block Cafe here in Anchorage. I am going to read a poem by William Wordsworth, but the main event is a poet reading her own work, I think her having been inspired by Wordsworth. I am excited to hear some poetry, and to also get practice in with public speaking. I guess that’s all I really have going on, officially. I would like to work on my novella, Transcending, and any reason to not be working on it is an excuse. Buuuut, the last chapter I wrote came with new information I had not expected, and I’m not sure if I should expand on it. I don’t have writer’s block. I need to read the entirety of the story before I go any further. I want to finish it. And I should let myself dump everything into the story that I come up with and edit out whatever doesn’t make the cut later.

Book review:

The most recent book I’ve read is The Hobbit, a wonderful little tale. It is my favorite book of all time, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a fun read with a great story. Yes, I am biased. And there isn’t much else to say about it. If you are thinking about reading The Lord of the Rings, reading The Hobbit first is not a requirement. But I think it will help you get used to Tolkien’s style. His dialogue can take up whole pages, and his focus on lore can bore some people (from what I’ve been told). However, and again I am biased, having recently finished The Lord of the Rings I think they are all great books. 

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