And so another journal entry begins. Hold the phone, for just one moment.

I have written the last two journal entries in Google Docs on the Drive so I can keep them in a safe spot. It’s not that I don’t trust that my blog be up for all of time, or that the Drive is a safer place than my website, but I believe that having things saved in two different places isn’t a bad idea. Yesterday I listened to Bernhoft all day. Only the one album, the new one, Humanoid. Fuck you Google Docs for trying to correct me. I’m going to type however I like. I need to take a sip of my coffee. And I am listening to Bernhoft. I meant to type ‘and I am drinking coffee although it is past one o’clock’ but the current song is so good I got distracted. I’m going to have to turn it up just a bit. Sorry, ears. I’ll be a deaf old man. 

This morning I recorded an episode for Michael’s podcast, Beyond the Band with Michael Campbell. Check it out! Sorry, got a bit distracted. Not by the song but by my roommate. That is not a bad thing. I placed myself in the center of the dining room, with the window behind me, on purpose. Not to be seen, no that’s not why. But it’s a good environment to be writing. I am going to work on my book today. It has expanded beyond the premise I had set out for it. Beyond the original premise of two pages in my journal as a short story it has exploded. It is going to be a full book. Well, before any edits. I told Michael that I expect the book to be about 60k words, but after edits it could be around 45k. Depending on the editor and how strict they are. It will be a good thing for it. Right now my strategy is to just dump all the words I can onto the page. Kind of like what I am currently doing. It is a good tactic as it doesn’t allow me to be bogged down by particulars, which happens quite a lot to me. Letting me breathe out the words, if you will, allows for a better story. 

Again, distracted. I am almost out of time, which means I will have to begin writing. But I will have to read what I have written so far. It is far too long since I have read the story in its entirety. 

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