I change the darn font to Times New Roman every time. I’ve even had it set to always be that. Or so I thought. It’s not a waste of time to change it. I am typing in Google Docs, once again, and will paste this into the website for my blog. So I don’t know if it really matters. Can you tell if some posts have had different fonts?

I haven’t seen Angoraag the Spider for quite some time. It is coming onto two weeks, if not more. I hope she is still alive. I have a lot invested into this spider. But I feel she is dead. And there is really nothing I can do about it. I can’t look for her body. I can’t ask if anyone has seen the spider that happened to be on the lampshade two days in a row. Was it two days in a row? 

I’ve had a good morning. It just not struck noon, if I could use the word struck as there is no grandfather/mother clock in this house and no clock struck the hour. I have tea I wish to take a sip of but I must complete this sentence. And if I take a sip of tea it will most definitely create a new strand of thought, forcing me to start a new paragraph. 

I brought a little plate with me this time, for my tea. It is perfect. It was designed for such, I assume. It has a ring in the middle that fits my cup perfect. My spoon is off to one side and the tea bag is off to the other. I took the bag out because, in this little cup, the Bengal Spice tea from Celestial Seasons makes a strong ass cup of tea. I hope to have a second cup. I think I will. I am trying not to drink so much coffee. I could drink coffee all day. I love coffee. Just black, no sugar or cream needed. I’ve put cream in my coffee a few times, and literally no more than three, and it doesn’t add any game changing flavor. I often think I’m cheating on a perfectly good cup of coffee if I add cream. Although I’ve only added cheap cream at a restaurant, or, specifically, the faculty room at an elementary school. I wonder if there is gourmet cream that I can buy to add. Would I add sugar? I have the same question about gourmet sugar. Give me the best. Although I can drink the worst black coffee. That’s probably not true. I love good coffee.

I am young. And before I get old I want to experience a few things. I am happy to have such motivation. I wish I had it more on a daily basis. But, I guess, if I do something world altering I need some down time. It’s like saving potential energy, that eventually becomes kinetic. When I go into action, I go. I don’t know if that’s exactly how it works. I’d like to think so. But I want to do something. I moved to Alaska to experience Alaska. I hope to do so.

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