Belldia is a Goddess. Today she is called Dia. With anything, there are two. Truth and Myth. The Sun and the Moon. Positive and Negative. 

Fasilkah is her opposite. Today he is called A’Kah. He was an elf, like Belldia. Before the Cataclysm they knew each other, but only in terms of business. Fasilkah’s father was a lumberman, caretaker of the forest. In his young days Fasilkah would take the shipments to the coast and sell them to a select few buyers, as Fasilkah’s father put a high price on his lumber. Each tree had a name. It is said that the trees could speak to Fasilkah’s father. They were grown with a purpose, and lived fruitful lives. It was an understanding between the forest and Fasilkah’s father that made the lumber grow strong, and increased their value. Fasilkah was the youngest of his six siblings, and did not learn this skill, or, as the rumors were Fasilkah’s mother was an elf servant, he was not born with it. 

I wrote this a few days ago. I have fun writing this kind of stuff. This was less than half of what I wrote that day, background information. I get a little lost, start talking about life and love and the cosmos. None of this really matters. None of this is going to be implemented into the story. None of what I wrote will be brought up verbatim in the story because the characters in the story don’t know this information. 

So why do I write this? Why do I intend to fill pages and pages of background information and practically write a story separate from the one I am going to (re)write. Partly because J.R.R. Tolkien is my inspiration. The world that he created is alive and detailed like no other. I hope to create a world history comparable to his. I write things like this, that will have little to no effect on the time period I am going to write about. Although, it does. This character, Fasilkah, is a god that is worshipped. His history is important. He is an elf and lived a long, historical life, that has created a mythos around him making him a god. What does he represent? Why is he known as a god? What stories do people tell about his life now to teach their young morals, or drive the people to be a better part of society? 

When writing about a being that is not a god but a historical figure brings up many questions. What is religion? What is the point? How does it begin? I am filling in all the gaps that I can so when it comes time to (re)write my story I can tell a tale that is constructed and plot points that have significance and history. There is a reason for every current event in today’s world. There is a story behind people’s actions, at the personal level and the societal level. A character’s actions have to make sense. This helps me build the world is which the character can act and react and live in. 

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