There were a few things about my world, Bellora, I just wasn’t happy about. And for some reason I was adamant to keep them the way they were. Names for one has always been something I know I can do better. I try to make realistic sounding names. I only wish I could create my own language and pull inspiration from that. Alas, I am not Tolkien. I don’t have the experience he had, yet. I don’t even know a second language. But I have Google translate and am able to pull inspiration from Italian. So I’ve changed the name of two major cities in my world. The first I knew that had to go was Albertroxx. So atrocious, and it’s the main city. It is the Crossroads, the subject of the book. It must be better. It is the key to the Orenz Sea, previously the Orenza Sea but I believe the people would have shortened it to the Orenz, and possibly to the Orenzea. Therefore gold, or wealth or trade must be involved like with Orenz (Gold=Oro). I’ve come to Vaoro, or Voro, or Varo. Road=Via. I like Vaoro for its sound (pronounced vow(like to take an oath)-row(your boat)) and how it looks. The second is, the previous capital of the kingdom, Rovin to Serra. Serra is known for its schools and libraries and focus on education, as well as its beer making. Beer=Birra and Knowledge=Conoscenza. The translations should be taken with a grain of salt, of course. I am mixing and matching to what suits the story best, and what sounds best.

These changes were brought about by a change in the main character’s history, his name also changing now three times, technically. Valden Straxx was born in Vaoro, but it is his aunt who rules. Things are coming together.

I wanted to mention a youtuber, channel named Hello Future Me, I’ve watched before and stumbled upon tonight, sparking some of these changes. So thanks, and here’s a link:

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