There is no end to creating a world. I can focus on maps all day, but that isn’t going to fill the world and make it living. I love maps. I usually have one hanging up on my wall. Whenever I find a map or a globe I take a moment or two to ponder over it. There is always something new, and there is the familiarity of it.

But the world map we know is alive because people have been living in it and changing it for millennia. We have shaped the imaginary lines to mean something to us, whether it is a differentiation between languages, religions, or simply because the people on that side think differently than the people on the other. Why is that? Why do people have differing opinions?

It must be how we are raised. We are all born the same. However, from the second of birth our lives are set upon a specific course based on where we were born, who our parents are, and what opportunities we will have. Anyone can achieve anything. Some are born luckier than others.

Creating a world is creating a people, generations of people and their choices that effect the future of every generation. With that task, where to start?

I cannot go into the story blind. I do not want to make things up as I go. Things happen for a reason. It can stem from the decisions of your grandparents choosing to stay in that sleepy town in a different state. It could be the war that caused your family to immigrate to another continent. We act on emotion, rarely because of logic. Emotion drives the human race. The story I want to tell is of emotion. I want to show that choices cause repercussions good and bad. Consequence, for everything that you do and everything that you don’t.

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