I lost one thing of two different pairs of things today. Yeah, I didn’t know how to put that.

This Wednesday I’m reading for the Poetry Parley again. I’m excited, as it is only my second time reading. Once I am done here I will be reading some Cohen, and then some Feldman. Hopefully the rest that of Feldman. I would like to have completed his book before I see Kerry.

I kept up with the blog this last week pretty well. The only day I missed was the Saturday Journal. Which is something that I usually look forward to. And it’s one of the easier things to do. I’m basically journaling here. I should also cover some current events. But I may skip that. As long as I make a little post today, it counts.

I can’t be sure the last time I actually meditated. It must have been the snowstorm on Saturday. I found a nice quiet spot in Northwood park. It was snowing. I turned off my music. That was a good moment, and something that I should strive to do more often. There are so many things that I’d like to do more often. I’m getting better at those things. One day at a time.

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