Better every day

A constant reminder to


Wow look at those

Mountains and

We got some sun today

Too much of me

Letting you in

I do that too much


What do you say to

A suicidal father


I think I got cat called

This morning

By a man

It was early and the

 Person yelled from a 

Moving car


Snow and rain

Ice and Mud

I didn’t expect this

Perfect  Give me 

More  I am here

To live  That means

Making sure I live 

To experience  Something

New so I know I’m living

So I know I’m alive


My student read

Today and I could have cried

In class I still had

My boots on

He read out loud

Did he know the words

I think so

Maybe you know but you

Don’t because that’s my memory


Yes we got sun today

And I listened to poetry

The part where I read

Doesn’t matter the

World isn’t about me

Here you are

Getting me  I’m not




I draw on myself

Self  -Better-

Thanks Leonard Cohen

Thanks Everyone


Yes I am here

These are the 

Word of Today


Get it  You Get Me

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