TASK – complete writing Transcending, edit, look for publication

MINI GOALS – finish writing before the 10th / edit first chapter before the 17th / edit all chapters before the END of January / share with friends and writers for feed back before END of January / look for publication starting January (online and local) / send transcript to 3-5 publishers by February 15th

PURPOSE – to move forward my career as an author by publishing my first novella but to also gain experience writing/editing/publishing and getting better with time management and keeping deadlines

PROACTIVE – don’t know time it will take to edit / have to bring computer home for Christmas / cost of submitting work / losing steam

Transcending is my novella, about 25k words, that stemmed from a two and a half page short story. I wrote it this fall, having just completed it yesterday, the 6th, after already creating this goal. The easy part is done. I would say editing might be the hardest, but finding a publisher can be equally challenging. I am up for the task, and look forward to learning a lot.

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