I recently wrote about making goals. I love making goals. They help me challenge myself and progress through life, to get better at things or spend more time on something I enjoy. If there is something big I want to accomplish, or something I need to get done, I’m setting goals. Goals can be long term or short term. Goals can be anything from losing 100 pounds to finishing that damn 1000 piece puzzle.

I am going to make a new goal a week. Every Saturday I will post a goal, and will follow up with my progress, what I’ve learned, what needs to change. The goals doesn’t have to be complete within that week, although some goals might.

I first have to explain how I am going to format this. Goals, according to me as of right now, have four parts. The task must be identified. Then the mini goals must be put in place. A purpose must be recorded. And any possible setbacks or challenges have to be addressed. This is what I wrote verbatim:

“A task must be completed. Put your energy into that task to make progress. SOme tasks are not finished in one sitting. In that case, whenever dedicated, set mini goals within the project and achieve them. A task is a goal; the completion of the task is the reaching of the goal. What is the desired end result? (TASK) How will the end result be achieved/what are the steps to be taken to finish the task? (PART OF MINI GOALS) What is the time frame? (MINI GOALS) Lastly, why do this? Is it beneficial to you or society? Will it have negative consequences, or positive? (PURPOSE) What complications can you think of that will arise, and how will you address them, during the process? (PROACTIVE)

Goals are made up of four things (Task, Mini Goals, Purpose, and Proactiveness) but there are a few things goals are and aren’t.

Goals have a time frame. They will end, and you will accomplish something. Goals are achievable. They are not impossible. If a goal is too hard, reevaluate. Goals are maintainable. If a goal is long term, set lots of mini goals, with dates and expected time of completion, inside so you don’t get discouraged. And goals are supposed to challenge you. The reason for a goal is change. If you are already waking up at 7 a.m., don’t set a goal to keep doing that. Wake up earlier, or go to bed earlier. The purpose of the goal isn’t ambiguous. You should know exactly what you’re trying to achieve, how you’re going to achieve it, and why.

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