I’m going to be doing something different for Mondays. Today will become my journal days, instead of Saturdays. When I journal I keep it pretty informal, as you may know. I’ll try to recap my weekend or give you an idea of what is going on this week.

I didn’t edit any part of Transcending today. That’s okay. According to my mini goal I need to have the first chapter edited by the 17th of December. That’s the day I go home to Oregon for an extended Christmas break. I’ll have to bring my computer home with me so I can edit. I was planning on traveling super light so I could fit more in my bag on my way back, but my laptop doesn’t take up that much space. I won’t be taking much else. Some toiletries, an extra set of socks, and a book or two.

For this week, besides working on edits, I want to start compiling some of my poems. I have a decent amount of poems out there. There are a decent amount tucked away in my journals. But I have access to enough that I can start a coherent collection, I think. I could always write some more. I’m sure these need edits. I’m worse about editing my poetry than my short story or novel work. Just like I don’t really know what I’m doing with a poem, I don’t really know what I’m doing when I’m editing.

Speaking of poems, I have a few poems that I could post on Wednesday. I don’t know which ones yet. Tomorrow I’ll be going out to the Writer’s Block, most likely, and I’ll write a poem when I’m out and about. Or I’ll write one at home. But I feel like I’ve got a poem to write tomorrow. Not now. No, I’m doing this journal quite late. And I’m just typing. I’m not going to type a poem. Something about that feels really wrong.

That was a quick journal. I journaled earlier today. I remembering thinking that I was going to get a lot of writing done today. That was not the case. But that’s okay.

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