Well, I’m starting to think about random things for my fantasy world, Bellora. What would the music and literature be like? What about the written history? From my experience, early medieval nations, hell all nations, love writing their own history. Take Virgil’s Arneid. Probably the prime example, but it was an attempt at giving Rome a classical beginning in the ending of Troy. What cooler history than that? Now, take Game of Thrones. Or Lord of the Rings of course. Both have a rich history, and a timeline but I’ll get to that later, that is hinted at during the course of the books. The authors give you the important information. They give you the actual necessary information to make the story make sense. More is used as foreshadowing or is barely referenced to at all. But it’s there. The history is there and every event in the books is happening because of historical events.

So, coming back to creating the history of a world and also creating the history of the world in the world itself. How do the people alive during the events of my books see the past? What do they know? What do they not know? And why? Is something a secret or is there something that no one knows, that is impossible for the people to know?

Thinking about the art of the world sent me down a rabbit hole. I wanted to focus on the creations of the world. What great composition has someone created? What paintings? What events led to someone making a painting? Damn. I could get lost. And I hope I’d be creative enough for a world of artists.

This all brings me to a timeline. I need to know when something happened. When did that painter make the greatest painting of the world? When was that book written? When was that castle captured? The people may not know. But I do. And I can tailor it to fit whatever I like. Having a timeline means having a year. And to keep it simple I’d rather have just one kind of calendar. I could make a year just for me… six thousand years since the Last War of the Elves. That’s off the top of my head, I have no idea if it was that long ago. Some of these things I need to commit to. If it doesn’t work out, that’s okay. But I need some sort of foundation. I need a starting point.

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