Task — Limit my phone use to 45 minutes a day, for a 7 day period beginning Sunday the 15th.

Mini Goals — check phone in the morning, use no more than 15 minutes / turn phone off during midday / after 7 pm turn phone off for the night / 

Purpose — To detach myself from my phone and stop using it as a coping device when boredom or depression begins to set in. To also realize the use of a cellphone as a tool, finding the benefits while eliminating the extraneous. 

Proactive — missing important phone calls / won’t have camera for cool moments / phone calls or text message conversations might add and exceed 45 minutes / won’t have access to music / if I go on a run, does that time count toward the 45 minutes?

This is an experiment. I intend to do this for a week but if successful I hope to implement this into normal daily routine. I will be home for Christmas so it should be relatively easy. Missing out on photo ops will be okay in the end. Everyone else will have a phone to take a picture if something is truly worth it. And it is better to enjoy the moment and save the memory for myself otherwise. Not having access to music could be difficult but when would I listen to music that is not to stave off boredom or shut the people around me out? There are speakers to play music from, so others can enjoy it. I can use some of my time to listen to music. And I do use my phone when I workout, listening to music and tracking my run. I could just run without it. I don’t think I’ve ever not ran with a device that tracked my workout or let me listen to music. Now that’s game changing. 

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