My lightswitch has shocked me three times in the last hour. I’m done turning the light on.

Hello! This is the first post of the new year. Good to be back. I’m in Anchorage, for the last week or so. Not much has been happening. Christmas was good, plenty of valuable family time. New Years was fun, also had time with friends. Never enough time. So far, being in Alaska, I’ve been the coldest I’ve ever been. The coldest I’ve seen is -10 degrees, Farenheit. Currently, it’s sitting around 15 degrees, above 0! So it’s warmed up quite a bit, thanks to a storm that rolled in. We got some snow yesterday but it is just overcast now. This will roll away and it will drop below 0 degrees beginning tomorrow.

I also go back to work tomorrow. It will be good to get some structure back. Although I’ve had a good time of not worrying about work. I didn’t work all of December. At least, not in a school. I made some edits to my story, but it’s been a few weeks since I’ve done any of that, even. And of course, I haven’t made a blog post all year! Well, that changes now. Tomorrow is WorldBuilding, and I am excited for that. I’ve written quite a few new poems and I’m excited to post them. Here’s to the New Year!

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