I’ve got a blank journal, and it has a sister. The sister journal isn’t blank. The first few pages have maps drawn, unprofessionally, by me. That’s what I’m going to do to mine, draw maps. They’ll be different maps. My maps. Technically they’re all my maps. Maps that I’ve drawn. Where is this going?

I default to pen and paper. This, right now, is difficult for me. Can’t you tell?

It is a beautiful journal. It’s green with a silver cover and a red ribbon to keep my spot. The pages are blank, lineless, and high quality. I got it from a gift shop in Anchorage that has a cafe in the back. It was the first cafe, the first business, I visited when I arrived in Alaska. I bought two on the spot. I knew I wanted one. And I knew that it would make a great gift.

I intend to fill these pages. I’m most certainly going to. This isn’t my first rodeo. I’ve written in a dozen journals. Literally, in the last few years I’ve been keeping journals with me at all times. The journals get my random thoughts, sketches, doodles, short stories, poems. Anything that you can do with pen and paper. They get my weigh ins every Tuesday, or Thursday, depending. They get my budget plans. During a two year period they got a lot of notes about selling cellphones, as that was my job. My journals are a window into my life, if only a piece of it.

And now I have a journal completely dedicated to Worldbuilding. I haven’t written a single thing in it. It’s like I almost don’t want to ruin it. But that’s the point. Let everything out. It doesn’t matter if it’s good or not. It doesn’t matter if it’s going to change down the road. It most likely is. Any detail I create about my world, Bellora, can be changed. This is a space to be free. I am not afraid.

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