It’s the 20th in 2020. That’s about all I have right now. I’m listening to Allen Stone, near the end of his album. I usually don’t get to this song, Taste of You. It’s a good song. Even better because I don’t hear it all the time. I can’t say I listen to Stone every day, but I listen to him a lot. Especially the first three to four songs in his new album. I’ve also been listening to Mac Miller’s posthumous album, Circles. Man, I miss that guy. I never met him. Only went to one concert. I consider myself lucky, as a fan of Miller, to get new music from him.

Maybe some of my work will be like that. I guarantee it. I have written so much already, so much kind of terrible work. Short stories. Poems, definitely some bad poetry. Journal entries. They will probably be fair game once I’m dead. Who will care then? If I do it right, a lot of people. Realistically, my family will hopefully treasure them. Maybe they will give a view of our world now, of this year we call two-thousand-twenty.

I was looking for substitute work. No high schools. I figure that picking up work at a high school will be last minute. I thought about picking up a job for tomorrow. I have plenty of elementary schools to choose from. Part of me tells me to jump for it. Another part, the part that is winning, is telling me to not work tomorrow and go to a cafe and read and write all day instead. But, alas, I want to start making some money again. I have plans for this summer. Mexico? The Alaskan bush? Who knows. A friend told me that when we plan, God laughs. What is he laughing about?

Yes, I understand the joke. I just don’t like it very much. I am control of my future, fate, destiny. Is it going to be the Writer’s Block cafe or a new elementary school? Which is going to get me out of my comfort zone? Do I even have to ask? I know what I should do. And I know what I want to do. I know what I want to do now at least.

Why is all of this important? Of course, I’m using this blog post to figure some stuff out. I say I will read and write tomorrow. But I’ll do other things, unproductive things. Will I even wake up at a decent hour if I don’t go to work? I hope so. Would I play more than an hour of video games if I don’t go to work? Yeah, probably. Would I spend too much money at a cafe, on lattes and cookies? Yes. Will I write anything but a page of journal and read anything but 20 to 30 pages of Game of Thrones when I can read it in my chair at home for the cost of nothing (rent aside, which I already paid)? I find myself making excuses often. Easy for me to do.

If you’d made it this far, I promise I’ll wrap it up soon.

2020. Do something for the future you. I don’t know what I’m going to do tomorrow. I want to live tomorrow. And I want to live the next day. And I want to prepare myself to live every day of my life. The only opportunities guaranteed to show up at your doorstep are the ones that you make for yourself.

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