Who the fuck is Mike? Sorry, but that’s the state of the world.

I always said that Saturday is the day to start your week on. Look at me. Today is my Monday. When Monday actually rolls around I’ll have my shit together. But who am I kidding? Who is reading this? Who is reading this now? In the year 2020? Hi, Cody.

I’m back to it boys and girls. I’m trying to get back into it, anyway. It takes an amount of alcohol and music to get me to post. Whatever it takes, I will do.

Anyway, what should you expect from here on out? Poetry, that’s for damn sure. You’re also telling me that I should work on my worldbuilding? Oh, that’s just me (and Cody). Gotcha.

Yeah, I’ll do whatever the hell I’d like. So you’ll get a short story, too. Is that all?

Yes. Besides on Saturday. What will you get Saturday? This. Just this. Good luck.

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